Polat İnşaat  


65-year-quality and experience
Polat Construction keeps on signing the projects enabling your life and attributing you a vision. It lays the comfort in life at your door with its modern and respectful to nature architecture. Yeşilköy Polat 5 minutes away from Ataturk Airlines, 150 m away from Çınar HoPhone, 8 minutes away from World Trade Center, 18 km away from Tüyap Exhibition Ground and 10 minutes away from Shopping Malls is situated in İstanbul Avenue where is the most lively and busy one in Yeşilköy.

For the dreamy and cheerful moments
Yeşilköy Polat offers a welfare environment which gets you out from the city's heavy traffic and gives you a chance to live cheerfully with your family and friens.

Yeşilköy Polat situated in İstanbul Avenue where is one of the most lively and busy avenues in İstanbul, offers 4 different alternative habitats you, the pleasue seeker; whether you watch the sea from your dublex attic, or enjoy your swimming pool in your garden.