Polat İnşaat  


A brand-new life integrated with nature in city center

When you step into the door of Polat Port Residence, you will open your eyes in a peaceful, safe and comfortable life. Whatever makes you tired like workplace, workload, traffic jam difficulty, noise and crowd will stay out when you go into the door. Every moment of yours will be enjoyable, joyous, safe and intervined with nature in your habitat where you feel not only in the cith center but also far away from the city.

Live every moment of the time...

Polat Port Residence with its unique architecture and flats whose details are well-planned offers you a brand-new life style. As soon as you step inside, it makes you live your time in full with its socially rich areas where you enjoy every moment of your life. Fitness Center endowed with latest system technological devices... Open-closed swimming pool where you can swim every season... Tennis Court for exciting matches which you will play with family members and loved ones... Sauna to rest and purify which you need to keep fit throughout the day... Special Basketball Court to play multi-scored matches... Turkish Bath (Hamam) to get the day's fatigue over...