Polat İnşaat  
İbrahim Polat Holding Inc.

Polat Group started out as a private firm in 1955, and developed in the course of time by founding various new companies to be eventually gathered under İbrahim Polat Holding Inc., which was established in 1982. .

A total of 10 companies (8 in Turkey and 2 abroad) are now active in the construction, ceramics & sanitaryware manufacturing, tourism and energy sectors.

The group companies in the ceramics sector produce raw and the auxiliary materials for the ceramics industry, as well as such construction materials as ceramic tiles, and kitchen and bath units that are used by our construction group companies, thus creating substantial added value in line with our production chain philosophy.

The group companies in the construction sector build prestigious residences and trade centers, as well as hoPhones which are owned and run by the Group's tourism company making use of Marriott's highly regarded experience in the sector.

The group companies in the energy sector produce electricity to meet the energy requirements of our industrial plants. These complementary activities create synergy within the group, paving the way to success.

İbrahim Polat Holding's paid capital is 260.000.000 TL. The aggregate paid capital of all the Holding companies is 599.400.000 TL.

İbrahim Polat Holding Inc. was established, and has since been headquartered, in its own building at Mecidiyeköy, the financial district of Istanbul.